In the English lesson we took a vocabulary quiz. It was about the vocabulary from unit  3 in our English book. We had to explain two words,for example hunter and gatherer. After that we had to translate the vocabs and write them down.

Additionally to the vocabulary quiz,we went to the computer room and searched for information about the different Native Americans tribes and made an information sheet about the tribes. And how did they live, where they lived or the culture from the different tribes. Then we searched for a picture about the Native Americans and had to print it out.



(to) be spread -verstreut sein- The Navajos spread in the USA

(to) lead -führen- The ranger lead the tourist group

(to) weave – weben- The Navajos weave carpets

carpet-Teppich- In the living room is a carpet

bow-Bogen-The Natives hunt animals with a bow

enemy- Feind-The enemy of a bird is a cat.

sand pictures-Sandbilder- The Native Americans make sand pictures

3/12/18 Vocabulary

(to) expect sth. – etwas erwarten

expectation – Erwartung

(to) hunt – jagen

hunter – Jäger

(to) gather – sammeln

gatherer – Sammler


Today we started the lesson with a new topic: ‚Native Americans‘. We got in our groups and wrote down what we will do or hopefully do about the Native Americans. At the end of the lesson we cut out feathers  of colorful paper and wrote down what we wrote on the paper. Then we hung all the feathers on the wall.

Protocol of March 13th

Today we started with the extrawork oftwo students. They had to talk about their favorite books. Then we warmed up with the dice. After that we watched a short movie about the first Native Americans. Then we got a worksheet where we had to read a text and answer some questions.



We heared a two minutes presentation from a student about her favorite song. Then another student presented the,, News of the week“. We went into the warm-up-groups an read cards with questions. After that we talked about the sheet from yesterday about the Native Americans, next we corrected the sheet. After the break a college student came and listened to our teacher teaching. Finally we went to the computer room and looked up information about Native American tribes.



ear wurm– Isabel has an ear worm from a very good song- Ohrwurm

law– Our civics teacher explained us teenage lawGesetz

recentlyRecently wehad a different teacher in math-kürzlich

celebrity-Someone who is famous-Berühmtheit

(to) quote / quote (noun)-when you write something that someone else already wrote, you quote them.-Zitat

(to) grow-The Baby grew very fast-wachsen

admire-You give me a present. I admire it-bewundern


territory- Gebiet

hunter (to hunt)- Jäger, jagen

Gatherer (to gather)- Sammler

land bridge- Landbrücke

teepees- Tipis

reservations- Reservate

Protocol of the 12.03.18

Today we took a vocab quiz about the vocabs of Unit 3 and the irregular verbs. After this quiz, we  wrote in groups on a piece of paper what we think or hope that the new unit (Native Americans) will be about. In these groups we talked about our imaginations and chose the most important things for us. After this group conversation we talked  about it in class  and everyone wrote her or his most important thing on a feather.

Homework 2/26/18 – 3/2/18

Hello everyone,

since I will not teach your classes on 2/26, you get your homework on this homepage.

  1. Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP7I8eteKHk&feature=youtu.be      Write down your own rule for the if-clause type 3 in your grammar section.
  2. Do ex. 1 + 2 at p.37 in your workbook. Also do ex. 3 at p.38.

See you Tuesday. No worries about VERA 8, you’ll do great! 🙂