The spirit of the hawk

Today Ms H. told us a story about an Indian. This  Indian was a warrior with a shelter. He trained to fight, his spirit was free like a hawk.  We drew pictures about this story . After that we heard the song „The spirit of the hawk“. After the song we found out that our idea of the landscape had changed. Then we heard the song with the video again. After hearing the song we could amend the pictures. Then we showed our pictures to the other students. That was the end of the lesson.



spirit  –  Geist / Seele  –  Every person has a spirit.

hawk  –  ein Falke  –  A hawk is a typical bird in the desert.

warrior  –  Kämpfer / Krieger  –  A warrior is the fighter in a war.

shelter  –  Zuflucht / Zufluchtsort  –  Every person needs a shelter.

to amend  –  abändern / ergänzen  –  I amend my  homework.