English lesson

Today we have wrote a quiz. After that we read a text and we had to describe some words.

Homework: Make up few words where your Partner have to describe in the next lesson.

English lesson 05.03.20

First we learned a new grammer the Passive Voice. With the Passive you can provide information about actions without saying who is performing the action.                  

  Present Tense Past Tense

am/is/are + 3 Form was/were +3 Form

 The ball is kicked Last week the ball was kicked

In the end we did tasks in the book:p.175 test yourself,p.56 n.6/8

English lesson Wednesday 05.02.20

First we listened to a presentation. Then we talked to our partner as an exercise for our Mock-Eurokom. After that we watched a video and we should write down what we like most about the video and then we talked about the topic with our partner.

English lesson

First we got laptops and then we got our quizzes back. After that we should go to mein Schulplatz and correct our entries.

Finally, we were allowed to write with the Cleverbot.

Things you always write big :

  • Nationalitäten/ Länder= German, Germany, Latin language
  • Eigennamen= -the White House ( the white house)

– the Queen (the queen of Sweden)

  • Städte = Rome
  • Namen = Tom
  • Monate,Tage = Monday, January
  • Ich= I

Homework : – correction of the quiz

-correction of the word box




Österreich / Austria

Deutschland / Germany

Schweiz / Switzerland

Grenze / border

Fähre / ferry

schwimmen / to swim

segeln / to sail

Boot / boat

Kitesurfen / kitesurfing

Kajakfahren / kayaking


Das weiße Haus the White House
Beschützer des Präsidenten bodyguard
Frau des Präsidenten First Lady
Anführer leader
Fahne der USA stars and stripes
Armee der USA US army
Verfassung constitution
Büro des Präsidenten oval office
Washington DC Washington DC
Twitter twitter
Mächtig powerful

at the rastaurant

Besteck = cutlery
Trinkgeld = tip
Menü = set menu
Speisekarte = menu
reservieren = to reserve
Rechnung = bill
bestellen = to order
empfehlen = recommend
Gäste = guest
Bedienung = waitress/waiter


free time = Freizeit
How long…? = Wie lang ….?
instrument = Instrument
soccer = Fußball
sports = Sportarten
gaming = Gaming
Have you ever tried ….? = Hast du jemals…. ausprobiert?
summer = Sommer
winter = Winter
idol = Vorbild


Bundesstaat = federal state
Freiheit = freedom  
vereinigt = united  
Burger = burger  
Fastfood = fast food  
Frau des Präsidenten = First Lady  
Todesstrafe = death penalty  
Weisskopfseeadler = bald eagle  
patriotisch = patriotic
Freiheitsstatue = Statue of Liberty