English lesson

We listened to an audiofile of British Council and created a mindmap for it after that we talked with our partner about the mindmap.

Then we prepared for the classtest.


p.19 Ex.8

English lesson

At first, we checked our homework orally. Our teacher taught us how to fight with words in a conversation. At last, we did a worksheet as preparation for the class test.

Beginning of sentences

From my point of view

I agree /I disagree because

I’m not sure. Maybe…

I think

On the one hand /on the other hand

English lesson

Today our classmate held a prasentation about Spratt an we had to give him feedback. Afther that we had to work on a worksheet about climbing on Uluru. Next to that we had to find pros and cons about ban climbing on Uluru


Have you ever…
Are there…
Why do you think…
Is it true…


Find more pros and cons for ban climbing Uluru

Eight lesson

Today we wrote a Vocabulary test. After that our teacher read the other Meinschulplatz entries. We did the exercise six on page fourteen orally, and wrote number seven and eighteen our workbooks.
The homework of today are the vocabulary’s from page 187 receptionist to page 189 to care about something.
Creed Glaubensbekentniss
greed Gier
A piece of cake Umg. einfach

sevent lesson

First our teacher checkt the homework, after that he show us a video about Greta Thunberg. Then he gave us the task to write a speech with the topic „stop the climate change“we should use the speaking strategies of Greta Thunberg .After finished the task we searched a partner to present our speech. Because time was not enough, we crossed „English“ whith „civics“ (Gemeinschafts Kunde).

The vocabulary´s of today:

organic = bio / Bio
environment = Umwelt
science = Wissenschaft
to refuse = weigern
solution = Lösung
to pollute = verschmutzen
greed = Gier
extinct = erloschen, ausgestorben

speaking strategies:

Emphasis, catch prase, volume, pauses, show emotions, body language, adult sound, seriousness, slow, distinct

sixth lesson

Modal verbs

To check the homework was the first thing what our teacher did. After that our teacher gave us a task:
“Collect ways how to stop the climate change”
Then we heard a speech from Greta Thunberg ( one of the biggest climate activists ).
The next task was: “What does Greta Thunberg want that the climate change stop, and is there a conflict ?”

The last Task was: A speaken- and written exercise with the topic “climate change”, we built sentences with modal verbs.

The homework is:
Copy page 169 with own examples ( topic: climate change), fill out the test yourself.

Here are the vocabulary´s of today:
Massentierhaltung = feedlot
Abgase = exhaust fumes
Bäume fällen = to fell trees
Metzger = butcher
auslösen = to cause
Wie kannst du/ihr es wagen… = How dare you …
arm = poor
anstatt= instead
Unverpackt-Laden = zero waste shop
Lebensmittel = grocery
reduzieren = to reduce
verbieten = to ban

Fifth Day

Today we had a presentation about PewDiePie. Then we gave feedback to the presenter. After that our teacher read mein.schulplatz.de to us and then we corrected the homework in the workbook.

Homework: Make a correction of your holiday essay.

Fourth lesson

First we wrote four sentences over our weekend and our partner had to find out which sentence is right and which sentence is wrong. After that we check the last my school place entry then we read page 12 and edited the sentences in task 1. 

On Friday   
After that   
To skim Abschöpfen  

Third lesson

Australia – Welcome to Down Under

Today we watched a video about Australia and we had to write down things that impressed us so that we can do exersices with them.

We also read in our book page 10 and solved exersices Nr. 2 and Nr. 3


Workbook Page 2 and 3


skydiving Fallschirmspringen
reef Riff
to dive Tauchen
to pet streicheln
boarding school Internat