English lesson Wednesday 05.02.20

First we listened to a presentation. Then we talked to our partner as an exercise for our Mock-Eurokom. After that we watched a video and we should write down what we like most about the video and then we talked about the topic with our partner.


blizzard = Schneesturm
hurricane = Wirbelsturm
news = Nachrichten
foggy = neblig
sunshine = Sonnenschein
season = Jahreszeit
cold = kalt
rainy = regnerisch
windy = windig
cloudy = bewölkt

English lesson 21.11

First we corrected the English classtest. If somebody had questions about the classtest he could ask it after the correction. After that our theacher gave us a paper were could self-appreciating our oral note. Then we discussed the note with him and the outhers made in the ex p.31 nr. 3a,b and nr. 4 a,b