Writing a diary

Dear diary,

1 Greet the diary:

Today I feel great \ bad \ terrible \ awesome \ lonely \ sad \ …

You won’t believe what happened to me today …

Let me tell you, what happened today…

Today was a special \ weird day. \ … the best\worst day of my life.

2 Tell something about what happened: (Use Past Tense!)

Who was with you?

What did happen?

Where did it happen

When did it happen?

3 Tell something about your feelings:

I hated it when…

I was so nervous…

Today, This morning, This afternoon I went…

4 Interact with the diary:

What should I do now?

Can you believe it?

5 Say bye:

Until tomorrow! Name

Yours, Name

English lesson 15.05.19

At first we wrote down ten items that you need in the wilderness.After that we listed the five most important items.

Later we got our book and we have to read the first three pages.

  • sleeping bag = Schlafsack
  • head lamp = Taschenlampe
  • compass = Kompass
  • medi pack = Verbandskasten
  • fishing rod = Angel
  • rope = Seil
  • machete = Machete
  • puri fier = Reiniger/Filter

Homework :

– Underline important words you don‘t understand

– List the persons mentioned in the three pages

English lesson 30.4.2019

Our teacher made an audio record for Mein Schulplatz while he was reading the text on page 111

At the end of the lesson we practiced the text on page 111

Lesenoten Notengebung

1= Fehlerfrei+ Emotionen

2= Keine Fehler

3= Leichte Fehler (1-2)

4= Stockend, Fehler

5= Abbruch

English lesson 11.04.2019

At first we wrote a vocabulary quiz. After that we wrote a text at page 111 in our book.

Allgemeine Infos:

Jacken müssen ab sofort am Kleiderständer auserhalb des Klassenzimmers gelassen werden, wenn nicht, erhält man eine Verwarnung!!

Nach den Ferien erhalten wir unsere mündlichen Noten und wenn wir diese bekommen müssen wir auch eine Lesenote machen. Diese Lesenote wird an Hand des Textes auf Seite 111 benotet.

Bei falsch geschriebenen Vokabeln im Englischen, muss man eine HALBE SEITE schreiben.

English lesson 09.04.19

First we talked about the „Voca-Dex“.

After that we looked at the last journey on MeinSchulplatz.

We worked on page 85 number 2.

–> On the 1st of January 2020



–> In 2020 …

Homework: page 86 exercise 2 a), b) till thursday

Englisch lesson 4.4.2019

At the beginning of the lesson we talked about Globalisation after that we got back our quizes. The next exercise was to read the text at page 80-81 and to skim it before start reading it exactly. After that we did the no.2 at page 80. Then we held our class council when we were done we whatched a presentation about Voca Dex.

health= Gesundheit


corn comb=Maiskolben


correction quiz any misstake 5 times


First, we read a text on page 79. When we were finished we worked on the number 3 and the question „what is globalization?“later we exchanged ourselves with the next owner.