English lesson 12.03.2019

We have been watching a movie about lawyers and racism. The movie called „Marshall“. During the movie we had to answer two questions : – List situations / objects that shows racism / segregation – Someone should stand up for …….

lawyer = Anwalt

court = das Gericht ( Justiz )

law = das Gesetz

rape = Vergewaltigung

innocent = unsicher

English 26.02.2019

First, we corrected our homework. „People have to stand up for: freedom, Friends, Respect, Equality, Peace, Justice, Fairness“
After that we listend to the song and watched the video clip
Racism = Rassismus
courtroom = Gerichtssaal
to offened = beleidigen
ER (emergency room) = OP-Raum

Homework: finish the Text

english lesson 21.02.2019

First we checked the homework. Then we read a lyrics and we have to underline sentence that feel most true for us.
After that everyone should write a sentence on the blackboard. then we listened to the song.

possion = Besitz

to measure = messen

to define = bestimmen

rise up = erhebe dich

savior = Retter

dignity = Würde

English 20.02.19

At the beginning of the lesson we talked a bit about the mock eurocom. Then the last post was viewed and improved on mein Schulplatz. Since we had homework today (copying off the vocabulary and improving on our last vocabulary test), these were discussed and ticked off. Then we leave the text on page 62/63 and described what was on the pictures. In this text, there are important times and information, each of which should create a timeline for itself.

English lesson 19.02.19

At the beginning of the lesson we got our vocabulary quizes back and talked about it.

After that we read the new vocabularies (slavery-display) aloud together.

Then we had to write down rights we have and rights we don´t have. For example:

I have the right to …

… get education

… grow up with no harm

… say nearly everything I want

… have an own opinion

… freedom of expression

… property

I don´t have the right to …

… decide whether I want to go to school

… hurt other persons

… vote

… be out as long as I want

… drive a car

…stand for President

… use weapons …

do everything what I want

Homework: – Correction of the Quiz                                                                                                                                         – Write down the vocabularies from „slavery“ to „display“

Englishlesson 14.02.2019

First we worte a Vocabulary-test about the wordbanks.

After that we meet our Mock Eurocom partner and choose a few words from the helpsheet for the conversation for the Mock Eurocom presentation.

They canceld the last lesson.


A student presented us some informations about „Marshmellow“.

After that our teacher said that we should start to prepare our Moc Eurokom.

In the second lesson we cut a sheet of paper into four peaces. We wrote on every sheet of paper one name of a star.

After this we played the games „who am I“ and „who are you“ with those stars with our partner.

English lesson 06.02.19

At the beginning of the lesson a few gave their half-year report to our teacher.

After that we practised some scenarios with our Eurokom-partner.

At the end, we gave our teacher feedback on the scenarios.

English lesson 31.01.2019

At the beginning of the lesson we saw a presentation about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After that we got our class tests back and discussed it. Then we improved it.

At the end everyone had to write two scenarios.

30.01.19 English lesson

First we heard a presentation from a classmate about Johnny Depp.
After that we decided who on which day Mok Eurocom has (18.02.19/19.02.19).

14.02.19 about all Word Banks