At first our teacher told us how the school year will be. Then we discussed our homework and then everyone had to read a text alone and answer tasks.

homework :
Vocabulary writing off (page 141 backpacker - page 142 likely)

Important :
Vocabulary test on 24.09.19 on pages 141 and 142 + Vocabulary from my school place.

Chapter 15

Dear Diary,

Do you know how long I am here ? I don’t know it exactly because I lost my sense of time. So I invented a whole new system for me. I count the days after an important event. for example the day of first fish. Now there is a new important event: my first meat. I managed it to shoot a bird by myself. It wasn’t that easy. The camouflage of the brids are so good . But I trained my eyes and now I can see their shapes. After the bird was dead, I didn’t know what to do. At home I didn’t have to clean the meat or take the insides out. But after I started it wasn’t that hard. That was the best meat that I have ever eaten.



English lesson 09.07

At the beginning of the lesson we handed in the booklet to our teacher. After that we talked about chapter 13 of our book.

to be scared = Angst haben

cub = Baby Bär

Afterwards, we read chapter 14 while a few of us are rewrotehistory.

Chapter 14

Dear diary,

as if the bad luck does not end …. Today, something stupid happened to me. Something grossly stupid. I first saw a skunk sniffing a spot on the ground, bumping into a turtle’s nest of eggs. As stupid as I am, I tried the skunk to go away . Then it turned and sprayed. At first I had to take an icy swim to get that disgusting stink from my nose. How stinky! As if it could not get any worse, the skunk even ate my collected eggs off the ground.! I’ll never forget that … From now on is bunkered ….. so deep no animal will come. r … unbearable. Well, tomorrow is another day.

your Brian

Homework: read chapter 14 and write a diary about this chapter.

Chapter 11

Dear Diary,

I spent the morning searching for wood and tried too distract me, of thinking about that they hadn’t found me yet. That is what really pulled me down. I finally realized that I’am somehow change myself, not only my body, I also can see and hear differently. I know it sounds weird, but I feel different now. The rest of the day I searched for wood and branches for the bonfire. On my last trip to the top of the stone with wood, I stopped and rested. When I looked down at the lake, I remembered the crash and in that moment I was full of fear. But the beautyful scenery was cheering me up. Then I saw a bird with a fish, I thought by myself, if the bird could catch a fish, I could catch one too. But the fish are very fast and really hard to catch. I tried it so many times but I totally failed. A spear would be propably a better idea for that. I have to find now a proper wood for that. Whish me luck.

dear Brian

Diary entry chapter 8

Dear Diary,
Today I woke up to a sound like a growl. It was in the middle of the night and pitch black so I couldn’t see anything but there was an odd smell.

I heard a slithering brushing sound near my feet so I kicked as hard as I could and threw my hatchet at the sound but it hit just the wall of my cave, creating a little shower of sparks. Suddenly my leg exploded in pain.

It was unbelievable painful, so I screamed. When the slithering moved again I thought it wanted to hurt me again but it was just walking away. Then I saw it… a group of needles, sticking in my calf. One by one I pulled them out of my leg although it hurt so badly. So fast things can change. Yesterday when I had gone to bed I felt satisfaction but now everything is different. After I cried, I fell asleep again.

I dreamed about my father and about Terry. When I woke up again there was morning light. After I ate some raspberries, I found my hatchet and remembered the sparks it had made when it had hit the wall. In this moment I realized that I’m able to make a fire.

See you,

Chapter 11

Dear Diary,
Before I would eat another egg, I should free them again into the sand next to the sleeping place. I did that too. In the afternoon I also cleaned up in the cave. I washed my anorak and swept the sand in the cave. Later I was still thoughtful, because I thought that the plane looking out here still has found nothing. What if you are not looking for me anymore? Then I went to get wood. I did that all in one day. The porcupines that punctured my skin are still hurting. But I went to the water, where I saw fish swimming.
I hope people will eventually find and dont’t give me up.
Love Brian.

English 04.05.19

Today we started with organizational stuff and talked about our marks for the diary. Then we had to read chapter 7 for the last 15minutes. Our homework is to write a diary entry again:

Dear diary
It is so hard to survive here in the wilderness. Today it happend so much…I  slept very badly, because I always thought about the secret. The secret is still hurting me. But out here I have other problems. Maybe bigger problems. Today I was in danger because there was a bear. It didn’t do anything to me but I was so scared. I was just moving away without thinking. The thinking came later. He just ate berries like me and if I leave him alone and in peace he will probably do the same.
It also started to rain but luckily I have my shelter. The hunger is still there but it’s better with the berries.
Hope here are no more dangerous creatures…


English lesson 29.05

At the beginning of the lesson we wrote a quiz. After that we discussed the homework. When we were done we read together with our partner chapter 6 of our book.
Next Tuesday all diary entries will be collected with the homework diary entry chapter 6.

Homework: Write a diary about chapter 5 and 6.

Dear diary,

Today was one of the worst days in my life. You wouldn’t believe what happend to me today but I will tell you. Today in mid-afternoon I woke up from sleep and I was so unbelievable thirsty and my face hurt so badly. I had a sunburn. I was not sure if I could drink the lake water but I was too desperate to think. Finally I drank the lake water. I drank so much that I threw up most of the water but after that I was not thirsty anymore. I really don´t know were I am. I hope someone will find me within the next days. The problem is the plane flew a few hours in the wrong direction. So it could be that people are looking for me at the wrong place. I don’t have anything helpfull with me. I think the most helpful thing is the hatchet from mum. I have to do the best in this situation but I have to find something to eat and a shelter. I wish you could help me. What should I do?

Until tomorrow, Brian

Dear diary,

I am very sad. Today I remembered an event with Terry two years ago. Terry and I were lost in the woods and we and planed to survive. We made a play of it and came up with a few things. For my certainty I decided to build a shelte with sticks and twigs. I was looking for a place and luckily I found a small hole on one side of the rock ledge. I am weak from hunger. I couldn’t find anything to eat and I am pretty sure that PizzaHut will not deliver in the Canadian Wilderness. Everything I can think of is food. I’m so hungry. I remembered a show on TV where a pilot was in the Arizona desert. He ate some beans and lizards. I was looking for it too but I couldn’t find anything. I thought of mum and what’s she’s doing while I wondered what time it was. There might be some berries. Finally I found some and ate really much of them. I made a pouch from my windbreaker and put all the berries in it. Later I would make a fire but it wouldn’t work with two sticks rubbing together. After the sun set the mosquitoes come and attack me. I put the berries out of my windbreaker to hide under it and save me. I crowled under the ledge from the rock and fell asleep. What should I do ? Do you have any ideas ?

Yours Brian

Thursday, 16.05.2019

On Thursday we read the chapter 1 of our new book „Hatchet“. After that we had to write a diary from Brian‘s point of view.


Dear diary,

Today was so horrible. I‘ve to think all the time about the secret I know, but that‘s not the worst. Since mom had driven me to the airport it happened so much. In the car mom wanted to talk to me, but I didn‘t want to talk to her, so I answered with (really!) short sentences. When we arrived at the airport I ran out of the car to the plane and I didn’t look backwards to mom. I forgot the hatchet in my backpack, mom had given me until I was on the plane. The pilot didn’t talk, but after a few minutes he asked if it was my first flight. He also asked me if I wanted to fly the plane. The pilot showed my how to do it and I tried it. During the flight he rubbed his left arm and in the cockpit was a bad body odor. Suddenly he got a heart attack. I didn’t know what to do. It wasn‘t possible for me to move. What should I do now?


on the plane - im Flugzeug
to live with my mother - bei meiner Mutter leben/ mit meiner Mutter zusammen leben
!stay in past tense!

homework: -read chapter 2 – write a diary entry from Brian‘s point of view