Dear diary.

Today we were in Brighton. I like this city because there is a beautiful sea and a lot of interesting things to see. The people were very polite and we ) talked to some of them. We were at the pier, it‘s such a wonderful place.After that we were in the city and it was very hot. Because of that I didn‘t have sunscreen I have now a sunburn, but I have luck because it does not hurt.
After we spend our time in Brighton we took the train back to Worthing. The beach there is very nice. There was a Polish and Russian shop and I bought some things there.
Now I‘m in my bed and I‘m going to sleep.
Today was a good day:).

Dear Diary…

Dear Diary,

Here are the tasks for 9a:

  • Find something that is typical British for you and take a picture/write about it. (example: red telephone booth)
  • Speak to someone you don’t know.
    • Compliment something you like on her/him. (clothes/gadgets)
    • Spin the “wheel of smalltalk” in your head. Talk about: weather, food, youtube, travel, recent events, hobbies…
  • Try British food – take a picture of it, comment on it and upload it.
  • Write down what you liked / enjoyed / disliked…



You bump into someone!

Pardon me.


Someone bumps into you!

No worries.


Something becomes unimportant.
You stop your conversation.

Never mind.


You order something in a restaurant.

I`d like to have…


You ask for the price of something.

How much is/are…


You greet someone politely.

Hello! So nice to meet you!

You say goodbye nicely.

Take care!


Say: 2,50£

Two pounds fifty pence / “p”


You ask for direction

Excuse me, please. I am searching for…


You are in a hurry. A man is blocking your way.

Excuse me, Sir / Madam!


You want to say thank you.



You refuse something.

No, that’s fine!