Trip to hastings


Dear diary.

Today we did a trip to Hastings. We rode the train for two hours . First, we were in a little shop to buy something to eat after that we went to the cave. The cave was very dark und cold, but it was a nice experience. In the cave some films or figures told us someting about the smugglers.

After that the cave we had freetime to go to the town. Me and my group were in the old part of the town.

I don‘t like the old part because it  smells like fish and the atmosphere was not mine.

Then we met and went together to the castle. In my opinion it is a beautiful place :).

When we fineshed the trip to the castle, me and my group went to the new part of Hastings. There we talked to some people and I was in a Polish shop and bought ice cream and drinks.

Finally after we were in the town, we drove back home.

Dear diary.

Today we were in Brighton. I like this city because there is a beautiful sea and a lot of interesting things to see. The people were very polite and we ) talked to some of them. We were at the pier, it‘s such a wonderful place.After that we were in the city and it was very hot. Because of that I didn‘t have sunscreen I have now a sunburn, but I have luck because it does not hurt.
After we spend our time in Brighton we took the train back to Worthing. The beach there is very nice. There was a Polish and Russian shop and I bought some things there.
Now I‘m in my bed and I‘m going to sleep.
Today was a good day:).