Trip to Germany

In Saturday night we drove by bus from the hostel to the airport, ther we checked in and wait a long time. We were very happy when our Gate was open, so we get by a train to the Gate and went in the plane. It was so nice when were landing in Germany. I think we had in London a very great time and i will remember it my whole life.

Trip to London

In the morning our host family drove us to the train station, from the train station we took the bus to London. When we arrived at the hostel, we brought our luggage in a save room. After that we walked in London city and we did a ship tour on the Themse, there we saw the London Tower Bridge, London Eye and the Tower of London. After the ship tour we walked through the city and watched sights. After that we had free time and we went shopping. It was my first time in London and I think it’s a wonderful city. Next to the shopping tour we met eachother at the hostel, there we did the room distribution.


Trip to Eastbourne

At the morning we rode by train to Eastbourne. In Eastborne we changed the old money into new money. Next,  we went to a supermarket to buy something to drink and to eat. Afterwards we began our hike to the seven sisters. These are very big cliffs. After that we had freetime in Eastbourne, there we walked through the city and I visited with a friend a barber shop. Next, we met eachother at the train station and rode back to Worthing. In the evening we ate burgers and chips with our hostfamily.    

Trip to Hastings

In the morning we rode by train to Hastings. Then we still arrived in Hastings we went to the smugglers museum. After that we had free time in the old city from Hastings, there we walked at the beach and visit the city. Than we had free time and visit Hastings Castle. After that we walked in „New Hastings“ there we had free time, too.
Next to we meet us at the train station and drove back to Worthing.

Trip to Brighton

At first we drove by train from Worthing to Brighton. Next we did a tour through the Royal Pavillion. After the tour we walked to Brighton Palace Pier ,there was an amusemend arcade and a lot of roller coasters. Then we rode back to Worthing and walked to the sea and chilled there. In the evening we ate chicken and potatoes with our hostfamily.