Mock-Eurokom preparation

  1. Pair up
  2. Create a worksheet: Choose one wordbank and create one situation to talk about + 3 conversation startersLook up conversation starters online.
  3. Example: wordbank topic „friends“
    1. Your partner has a crush on your best friend. Your partner is now asking you to arrange a meeting. You, however, are sceptical whether the relationship really works out because your best friend is very shy. So you give partner b advise to plan the move on your best friend.
    2. Conversation starters: 

      Have you ever saved an animal’s life? How about a person’s life?

      If you opened a business, what kind of business would it be?

      Are you a very organized person?

  4. Hand your worksheet to a group that has already finished the task.
  5. Practice your conversation.
  6. Go to Ms Bühler or Mr Kneer and perform your scenario.

Finished? Practice with your partner for the Mock-Eurokom. Use





rain = Regen
wind = Wind
snow = Schnee
cold = kalt
sun = Sonne
cloud = Wolke
windy = windig
frozen = gefroren
sunny = sonnig
warm = warm
rainy = regnerisch
weather forecast = Wetterbericht

Topics to talk about: 

  • natural disaster
  • favourite weather





May I help you?       = Kann ich ihnen helfen?
I´d like … , please       = Ich hätte gerne…
Do you sell…?       = Verkaufen Sie…?
I´m looking for…       = Ich suche…
How much is /are this / these       = Wie viel kostet der / die / das ?
Where´s the men´s / women’s department       = Wo ist die Herrenabteilung / Damenabteilung ?
Where can I try it on?      = Wo kann ich das anprobieren?
The changing  room is over there.      = Die Umkleidekabine ist da drüben.
It´s too big /small / tight / wide / short      = Das ist zu groß / klein / eng / weit / kurz
Do you have a large / smaller size?      = Haben Sie das in einer größeren / kleineren Größe ?
Yes, of course. What size are you?     = Ja, natürlich. Welche Größe brauchen Sie?
I´ll take it.     = Ich nehme es .


shopping day


  • new clothes
  • fun
  • you can go with friends


  • costs a lot
  • after  a while the parts do not fit anymore.


  • You can  go with friends
  • parents / family

–> they can advice you


freetime = Freizeit
play the piano = Klavier spielen
play football = Fußball spielen
to dance = tanzen
to sing = Singen
go to the cinema = Ins Kino gehen
play volleyball = Volleyball spielen
to draw = Zeichnen
to ride the bike = Fahrrad fahren
to cook = kochen
to bake = backen
play hockey = Hockey spielen
meet friends = Freunde treffen
play tennis = Tennis spielen

Topics to talk about:

  • Hobbies:  for example: to cook, to bake, meet friends
  • Sport activites: play hockey, ride the bike, play Tennis
  • Instruments: Do you play an instrument for example: play the piano

Great Britain

sandwiches = Belegtes Brot
fish and chips = Fisch und Pommes
baked beens = Gebackene Bohnen
London = Hauptstadt
Northern Ireland, Wales, Scottland, England
Queen Elisabeth II = Königin
Buckingham Palace = Haus von der Königin
Oxford, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham = Städte
island = Insel

3.1 About the royal family.

3.2 About the food.

3.3 About the cities.

(Rob984,, 13.12.2017)






      delicacies = Feinkost
      fast food = Fast Food
      finger food = Finger Food
      sour = sauer
      bitter = Bitter
      burnt = verbrannt
      greasy = fettig
      crunchy = knusprig
      salty = salzig
      grilled = gegrillt
      fried = frittiert
      baked = gebacken
      boiled = gekocht
      breakfast = Frühstück
      lunch = Mittagessen
      dinner = Abendessen


Topics to talk about:

Fried food is very yummy.


It is very tasty and you can get it everywhere quickly.


It is not healthy and it makes you fat.





parents      = Eltern
grandfather      = Opa (Großvater)
grandmother      = Oma (Großmutter)
brother      = Bruder
sister      = Schwester
aunt      = Tante
uncle      = Onkel
cousin      = Cousin/Cousine
family      = Familie
children      = Kind
bond      = Zusammenhalt (der Zusammenhalt der Familie)
relative/s      = Der/die Verwandte

Topics to talk about:

Festivals with family: the  whole family comes together

for example

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Birthdays

from Wikimedia (13.12.2017)fr



application = Bewerbung
to apply for = sich bewerben für
CV = Lebenslauf
job ad = Stellenanzeige
placement = Praktikum
position = Stelle
skills = Fähigkeiten
work experience = Berufserfahrung
letter of application = Bewerbungsbrief
knowledge = Kenntnisse
salary = Lohn, Gehalt

Topics to talk about : 

  • placement  in class 9
  • other work experience






team player


to pass the ball


                              Den Ball abspielen




















Topics to talk about:

The Olympic Games


American Football



File:Wikinews Sports.png