Vocabulary of the April 18th

tool- das Werkzeug

ancestors- die Vorfahren

to spread-ausbreiten

plague-die Plage

to be concerned- beunruhigt sein

elements- die Elemente

a healer- ein Heiler

dreamcatcher- Traumfänger

the journey- die Reise

to weave- weben

peaceful- friedlich

Protocol of April 18th

Hi,Today we talked about the story of the dreamcatchers. First we had to take out the worksheets that we had already done(which had 2 versions).Then we had to find a partner who had the other version and talk about each others versions.After that we had to write down the important things our partner told us.

Protocol of April 9th

Today we started with some information about the Dreamcatcher, which we will be tinkering on Wednesday.
Then we edited the sheet „Find someone who …“ and discussed it.
At the end we listened to the song Harvard by Gyast Ross and talked about what the song was about.

For Wednesday we must bring wool (Dreamcatcher).

Protocol of March 13th

Today we started with the extrawork oftwo students. They had to talk about their favorite books. Then we warmed up with the dice. After that we watched a short movie about the first Native Americans. Then we got a worksheet where we had to read a text and answer some questions.



We heared a two minutes presentation from a student about her favorite song. Then another student presented the,, News of the week“. We went into the warm-up-groups an read cards with questions. After that we talked about the sheet from yesterday about the Native Americans, next we corrected the sheet. After the break a college student came and listened to our teacher teaching. Finally we went to the computer room and looked up information about Native American tribes.



ear wurm– Isabel has an ear worm from a very good song- Ohrwurm

law– Our civics teacher explained us teenage lawGesetz

recentlyRecently wehad a different teacher in math-kürzlich

celebrity-Someone who is famous-Berühmtheit

(to) quote / quote (noun)-when you write something that someone else already wrote, you quote them.-Zitat

(to) grow-The Baby grew very fast-wachsen

admire-You give me a present. I admire it-bewundern


territory- Gebiet

hunter (to hunt)- Jäger, jagen

Gatherer (to gather)- Sammler

land bridge- Landbrücke

teepees- Tipis

reservations- Reservate