Protocol 05/09/18

On wednesday the 9th of may Mrs. H. had her demonstration lesson. Two people came and checked how Mrs. H. is teaching. At the start of the lesson she showed us a movie trailer about a film, named „Lady Bird“. Then we talked about the trailer. Later we got a worksheet about different persons who were involved in the film. Then we practiced in groups a roleplayed interview which we presented at the end of the lesson.

Vocabulary 05/09/18

(to) relate – sich auf etwas beziehen.
responsibility – Die Verantwortung.
(to) identifly – sich identifizieren.
(to) pass by – an etwas vorbeigehen.
(to) struggle – mit seinem Gewissen kämpfen.
overdone – übertrieben.
demonstration lesson – Lehrprobe.


tool- das Werkzeug

ancestors- die Vorfahren

to spread-ausbreiten

plague-die Plage

to be concerned- beunruhigt sein

elements- die Elemente

a healer- ein Heiler

dreamcatcher- Traumfänger

the journey- die Reise

to weave- weben

peaceful- friedlich

How to make a dreamcatcher


-a metal ring

-a ball of wool

-a bead

How to make it:

At first you take the wool and make a knot on the ring,then you roll it around the metal ring. Once you’re done you take a pair of scissors and cut the wool. Then you take a little bit of wool and put it around your fingers and roll it. After that you take the wool and make a knot. Then you go around the ring and then in between the wool. You do that until you arrive in the middle. And then you put a beat in the hole in the middle. And then you can decorate it.



Ball of wool/ Wollknäul/ If you wanna to make a dreamcatcher you need a ball of wool.

Bead/Perle/ If you wanna to dekorated your dreamcatcher you can take a beat.

Knot/ Knoten/ If you dont make a knot it will open.


The spirit of the hawk

Today Ms H. told us a story about an Indian. This  Indian was a warrior with a shelter. He trained to fight, his spirit was free like a hawk.  We drew pictures about this story . After that we heard the song „The spirit of the hawk“. After the song we found out that our idea of the landscape had changed. Then we heard the song with the video again. After hearing the song we could amend the pictures. Then we showed our pictures to the other students. That was the end of the lesson.



spirit  –  Geist / Seele  –  Every person has a spirit.

hawk  –  ein Falke  –  A hawk is a typical bird in the desert.

warrior  –  Kämpfer / Krieger  –  A warrior is the fighter in a war.

shelter  –  Zuflucht / Zufluchtsort  –  Every person needs a shelter.

to amend  –  abändern / ergänzen  –  I amend my  homework.


In the English lesson we took a vocabulary quiz. It was about the vocabulary from unit  3 in our English book. We had to explain two words,for example hunter and gatherer. After that we had to translate the vocabs and write them down.

Additionally to the vocabulary quiz,we went to the computer room and searched for information about the different Native Americans tribes and made an information sheet about the tribes. And how did they live, where they lived or the culture from the different tribes. Then we searched for a picture about the Native Americans and had to print it out.



(to) be spread -verstreut sein- The Navajos spread in the USA

(to) lead -führen- The ranger lead the tourist group

(to) weave – weben- The Navajos weave carpets

carpet-Teppich- In the living room is a carpet

bow-Bogen-The Natives hunt animals with a bow

enemy- Feind-The enemy of a bird is a cat.

sand pictures-Sandbilder- The Native Americans make sand pictures

3/12/18 Vocabulary

(to) expect sth. – etwas erwarten

expectation – Erwartung

(to) hunt – jagen

hunter – Jäger

(to) gather – sammeln

gatherer – Sammler


Today we started the lesson with a new topic: ‚Native Americans‘. We got in our groups and wrote down what we will do or hopefully do about the Native Americans. At the end of the lesson we cut out feathers  of colorful paper and wrote down what we wrote on the paper. Then we hung all the feathers on the wall.