Brian’s diary

Write a diary for each major incident Brain endures at the lake. You can also use the chapters as guideline.

Dear diary,

Today something strange happened…

I have to tell you some news…

Let me start telling you that…

Something weird happend today…

I am writing to you because…

Class test preporation

Wall of wisdom

  • 800 pupils run into his backyard and/where (?) he and 9 other „teachers“ explain what the were thought.
  • Everyone is talking (talk) about e-books at the moment.


village=Dorf , ancient=alt , worse=schlechter , agriculture=Landwirtschaft , salary/wage=Lohn , recently=vor kurzem/letztens , to develop=entwickeln , honour=Ehre , trigger=Auslöser , destract=ablenken , marked=gekennzeichnet , rely=verlassen

The correct way to write essays

  1. Sentence starters for an E-Mail & formal letter:


  • I am writing to you about…
  • I am contacting you to…
  • I wanted to tell you about…

Main part:

  • Firstly… Secondly
  • I would like to inform you that…
  • Here is the information on…
  • To start with…

Closing remark:

  • That‘s all for now…
  • I look forward to hearing from you.

2. Sentence starters for a story/an article


  • You won‘t believe what happened…
  • Have you ever heard of..?
  • The problem/question is…

Main part:

  • On the one hand… on the other hand…
  • Some people think that…
  • Firstly… Secondly
  • Moreover
  • In contrast to…


  • How lucky!
  • Fortunately…
  • To sum up…
  • To cut a long story short…

How you write a correct formal letter

You write a formal letter when it is a serious situation for example you write to your boss. Important things for the formal letter:

-use the helpsheet

-don’t use slang

At first we practiced a letter of complaint at 2015-4 in our final exam book.

Write a fan letter 

You are a fan of Stephen Chbosky‘s book and movie ”The Perks of Being a WallFlower ”. Write a fan letter and praise his work. Tell him what you like and dislike. Also, ask him to send an autograph.

Homework: create a mindmap with ideas what you would write in your fan letter.

Letter of application

Today we wrote a job application on page 2009-3 in our English final exam book.

After that we got back our corrected homework from yesterday.

Usefull words:

alternatives for „then“ (dann):

later, after that, suddenly, shortly after etc.


Write a new flawless version of your corrected homework until the next english lesson.

word order

Building: subject, verb, object

Word order in positive sentences
I                     play                     piano.
subject       verb(s)                object

Word order in negative sentences
I                     do not play             piano.
subject          verb                     object

The time can stand in the beginning or in the end.
They play football in the gym every Monday.
every Saturday Peter watches TV at home.

Adverbs are always behind the verb or the direct object.
I drove the car carefully.

Who                               asked                  you?
question word             verb                object

notice: the questions word is before the verb.

write an article

  1. We repeat how to write an E-Mail
  2. We listened to some e-mails
  3. Topic of today

How to write an article

  • Use your knowledge from other subjects
  • Use word banks
  • Watch out for grammar


Write a catchy headline which refers to your topic


Choose an interesting introduction to catch the reader attiontion

  • You want believe what happend …
  • Have you ever heard of…?
  • can you imagine…?
  • In the news

Main part

present your arguments in a logical order

  • There are a two sides of the question.
  • On the one hand…. on the other….
  • While/Whereas/In contrast


Sum up

  • (To sum up) = You must sum up the whole article
  • Finally….
  • All in all….
  • After looking on both sides..
  • In future….
  • My arguments clearly show that we will have to be careful when….

homework 2013-3

English lesson

1. We listened to a presentation about prepositions
2. We practice with the red book to write an e-mail (2007-4, 2012-4, 2017-4, 2018-4)
3. We have to decide whether it’s formal or informal. Then we have to write the topic of the e-mail. Your first sentence you should start with a capital letter. Then you have to write the main part.

possible sentence starters:  

  • First I want to…
  • Maybe… / However…
  • It’s interesting/great/sad that…
  • In my Opinion…/ to my mind…
  • I don’t like…

Linking words/ phrases: 

  • As/ therefore/ after/ finally/ besides/ in addition/ apart from that

yours faithfully when you dont know the person

yours sincerely when you know the person

4. Then we write the e-mail 2018-4

Homework: write the e-mail 2007-4 and correct it and correct the exam.


We commonly use prepositions to show a relationship in space or time or a logical relationship between two or more people, places or things. Prepositions are most commonly followed by a noun phrase or pronoun

Prepositions are short words (on, in, to) that usually stand in front of nouns (sometimes also in front of gerund verbs).

The last time I saw him he was walking down the road.

I’ll meet you in the cafe opposite the cinema.

It was difficult to sleep during the flight.

She was traveling by bus.

He stayed at home.

Relative clauses


  • connect two sentences
  • -> London is England`s biggest City. London has about 7.2 million inhabitants.
  • => London, which is England`s biggest city, has about 7.2 million inhabitants.


  • main clause + relative pronoun + relative Claus
    • who/whose (wessen) -> refer to people
    • which -> refer to things
    • that -> refer to both


  • Sam, whose mother is an architect, is in my class.
  • Anne, who I like very much, is French.
  • The film „Dark Moon“, which we saw yesterday, was far too long.
  • The film that we saw last week was much better.


Complete the following sentences with the right relative pronoun.

  • Dragon Tears is a film. Dragon Tears made me cry last month.
  • Sally is very tired. Sally went to a party yesterday.
  • Peter likes travelling. Peter lives in London.
  • The man who/which is wearing a red shirt is Mike.
  • The boy that/who look like Jane is her brother.


  • Dragon Tears is a film which made me cry last month.
  • Sally, who went to a Party yesterday, is very tired.
  • Peter, who lives in London, likes travelling.
  • The man who is wearing a red shirt is Mike. / The man whose shirt is red is Mike.
  • The boy that/who look like Jane is her brother.